Missouri House Leaders Richardson and Beatty React to House Committee’s Greitens Report

Todd Richardson and Gail Beatty on Greitens Investigation

The Missouri House Speaker is praising the seven-member House committee that’s investigating Governor Eric Greitens’ indictment. The House Special Investigative Committee on Oversight issued a 24-page report Wednesday evening.

Speaker Todd Richardson tells the Capitol Press Corps the committee’s job was not to make their own conclusions but to hear testimony and judge the credibility of witnesses.



Speaker Richardson says the committee “repeatedly” gave Greitens an opportunity to testify, adding that the invitation remains open. Richardson says the committee still has work to do and will be unable to make recommendations before the session’s May end.

The testimony outlined in a Missouri House committee’s report about Eric Greitens is described as “beyond disturbing” by House Speaker Todd Richardson. The Poplar Bluff Republican tells Capitol reporters the bipartisan House Special Investigative Committee on Oversight has no political agenda.



As for Greitens, he held a Wednesday afternoon press conference in Jefferson City, describing the report as “one-sided tabloid trash gossip.” House Minority Leader Gail McCann Beatty is calling on Governor Greitens to resign immediately.



Richardson says he and Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard support a special session, regarding recommendations. It would take a three-fourths majority of both the Missouri House and Senate to call themselves into a special session. The House Special Investigative Committee on Oversight released a 24-page report Wednesday evening.