Trenton City Council reorganizes after election, address ATV and UTVs driven after dark

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Oaths of office were taken Monday evening by three of the four Trenton City Councilmen elected last week.

Assuming two-year terms on the council were Glen Briggs in 1st Ward, Marvin Humphreys in 2nd Ward, and David Mlika in 3rd Ward. Councilman Duane Urich from the 4th Ward was absent from the council meeting and will be sworn in at a later date. The council then selected John Dolan as mayor pro tem.

This occurred after an ordinance was adopted accepting the election results.

Mayor Linda Crooks appointed four members of the council to each of the three committees. Chosen for the Administrative Committee were Danny Brewer, Glen Briggs, John Dolan, and Marvin Humphreys. Selected for the Finance Committee were John Dolan, David Mlika, Lance Otto, and Duane Urich. And named to the Economic

Development Committee were Robert Romesburg, David Mlika, Lance Otto, and Duane Urich. Each of the committees will need to meet to select its chairman. The three committee chairman will be assigned to the Utility Committee.

Members of the council were assigned as a liaison to ten different boards in Trenton.

An 11th will be the Animal Welfare Committee which was unanimously approved by six members of the council prior to the swearing-in ceremony. It will have five citizen members appointed by the mayor with council consent. Each will serve a three-year term with a councilman serving as a liaison member. The committee will be advisory only concerning matters related to animals like dogs and cats within the city.

On a voice vote, the council accepted a suggestion to amend city code to allow all-terrain and utility terrain vehicles to be driven after dark on the streets of Trenton. Councilman Marvin Humphreys said he had several people ask him whether this could be done. The city code has allowed such vehicles to be operated by a government entity or for agricultural purposes as long as each vehicle is equipped with proper lighting and has a safety flag attached to the rear. Operators of ATVs and UTVs also pay a fee at Trenton City Hall and obtain a permit. Operators must also show proof of insurance.

It was noted during the discussion that the operation of ATVs and UTVs are prohibited by Missouri law on state highways such as Highway 6 which also is East 9th Street; however, such vehicles are allowed to travel across a state highway.

By way of a resolution, the council authorized an application for a $40,000 grant through a USDA program with the city commitment not to exceed $187,957. The funds which have been budgeted are to purchase a new air compressor and cascade system for the fire department plus a new police vehicle with console equipment, prisoner partition, vehicle graphics, vehicle out-fitting along with 17 portable radios and eight mobile radios for the police department.

The council approved a new fiscal year budget that had been submitted by the Convention and Visitors Bureau. $32,500 is the budget for digital advertising/brand building, traditional advertising, website maintenance and upgrades, facilitation, and training for local businesses.

The budget request is a conservative estimate of the tax dollars that will be generated by the five percent Trenton lodging tax. City Clerk Cindy Simpson reported the Convention and Visitors Bureau’s most recent reports show revenue of nearly $35,000 with expenses at just over $16,000.

The council voted six to nothing to amend the city code to allow for itinerant merchants or those who don’t maintain a permanent place of business and travel from place to place to pay an annual fee of $100. It also allows vendors to set up during eligible events in Trenton to pay a one-day fee of $15 or purchase the business license.

The council, on a voice vote, adopted a policy for employees to donate paid time off hours to other employees who are facing major or catastrophic illness or injury. Individual approval will need to be given by senior staff and the city administrator. Any donations are on a voluntary basis and are to be kept confidential.

City Administrator Ron Urton reported Eric Hauck of Trenton has begun the power washing and painting of the city-owned building at the airport – formerly the central office for the Trenton R-9 School District.

The wording was revised in the memo allowing the finance committee and full council to consider cost of living allowances for staff after six months of the fiscal year if revenue from asphalt sales meets a targeted amount and IF the projected budget is balanced. Mayor Linda Crooks presided in person at the council meeting. An outgoing member of the council, Kevin Klinginsmith, was absent in addition to Duane Urick.

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