Missouri Court of Appeals to convene in Milan

Gavel and old law books (court or trial)

The Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District, will convene court at the Sullivan County Courthouse in Milan next month. A three-judge panel will hear oral arguments in three cases originating in area circuit courts October 7th at 1 o’clock.

Presiding Judge Gary Witt, Judge Edward Ardini, and Judge Tomas Chapman will discuss the court system and take general questions from the audience after they hear oral arguments. Witt will preside over the proceedings at the Sullivan County Courthouse.

Chapman was a circuit judge for the 43rd Circuit of Missouri for more than seven years. He was appointed to the Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District, in 2018.

The 43rd Circuit includes the counties of Daviess, Caldwell, Livingston, DeKalb, and Clinton. The Western District convenes regularly in Kansas City. Its 45-county jurisdiction includes all of Northwest Missouri and most of Central Missouri.

The court has held sessions in several of the counties in its jurisdiction for more than 20 years. The court convenes oral arguments outside of Kansas City to give individuals an opportunity to observe a part of the judicial system they normally do not see and to familiarize attendees with the court’s role in the judicial system.