Minimum wage ballot measure a step closer to November vote in Missouri

Minimum Wage

With just a few days before the cutoff mark to qualify for the November election, a group has passed a hurdle to place a minimum wage hike before voters.

Raise Up Missouri collected the necessary signatures for its ballot initiative to qualify for final approval from the secretary of state’s office. Tony Wyche says, contrary to popular belief, increasing wages doesn’t result in fewer jobs.



The St. Louis based free-market group Show-Me Institute opposes the minimum wage hike, claiming it won’t help those who need it most – low-income people.



If approved, minimum pay would increase over a five-year span to $12.00 per hour. Patrick Touhey with the St. Louis based free-market group Show-Me Institute points to a 2015 study which shows that hiking minimum pay hurts first-time job seekers.


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