Mayor Soptic reacts to close defeat of Trenton sales tax proposal

Economic Development news graphic
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A proposed half-percent economic development sales tax for Trenton was defeated in the April 2 election. The vote count was 279 in favor and 288 opposed.

Mayor Jackie Soptic expressed disappointment that the sales tax did not pass, but she was also encouraged because it lost by only nine votes.



It would be up to the Trenton City Council to put the economic development sales tax back on the ballot for the August election.

Several Trenton residents have stated that the sales tax failed because the projects mentioned as potential uses for the funds were too general. One of Mayor Soptic’s objectives for the next time the issue is put before voters is to document and present specific projects.



In the future, Soptic expects the North Central Missouri Development Alliance, Main Street Trenton, and the Trenton Area Chamber of Commerce to collaborate on an economic development sales tax proposal. She says the Industrial Development Corporation and the Trenton City Council would be other effective partners to join that effort. Any entity that sees a need for economic development funds in the community would be helpful with educating.

The City of Trenton currently levies five sales taxes, which include the Trenton Fire Department, transportation, parks, general revenue, and capital projects.



If an economic development sales tax were passed in Trenton, Soptic says funds could be used for housing development.

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