Livingston County Commission to attend meetings

Livingston County Courthouse

The Livingston County Commission will attend several upcoming meetings.

The commission will attend the Chillicothe Township meeting at the FCS meeting room at 2880 North Washington Street in Chillicothe February 15 at 6:30, the 2017 Salute to Agriculture at the Jenkins Expo Center Friday morning from 6:30 to 8 o’clock, a meeting for the Second Ward residents at the Chillicothe Housing Authority at 320 Park Lane the evening of February 22nd at 6:30, the University of Missouri Extension Council annual meeting at the First Baptist Church in Chillicothe the evening of February 23rd at 6:30, and a Young Farmers meeting at the Litton Ag Center on Highway 190 in Chillicothe the night of February 23rd at 7.