Green Hills Recreation Association aims to provide organized summer activities for north Missourians

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The newly-formed Green Hills Recreation Association (GHRA) has a goal of “providing sports and other recreational activities” for youth and adults in Trenton and surrounding communities.  Baseball, softball, and T-ball are the initial activities, but others already are being discussed and examined as well.

The President of the Board of Directors for the GHRA, Scott Blair, spoke at Tuesday night’s Trenton 2020 Community Betterment meeting:

It is anticipated that an existing youth soccer program in Trenton will become part of the GHRA activities:

Around 330 youth have signed for ball programs in the summer of 2016, overseen by the GHRA.  That is an increase of approximately 80 over last year’s numbers.  The children are from Trenton and the surrounding area:

Blair anticipates there being enough fields for both games and practices:

Sponsorships are being used to help fund youth recreational activities:

Also during Tuesday night’s meeting at the Sugg Room of the Ketcham Community Center, Cara McClellan, representing the Recreational Fundraising Committee, discussed three levels of sponsorships.  Blair mentioned financial assistance is being considered for youth wishing to participate in the activities:

Blair praised the Trenton Park Board:

Blair plans to attend future Park Board meetings.  Last week,the board voted to not charge GHRA rent for use of the ball fields at Moberly and Ray Van Meter Parks this year.  The Park Department will pay the association to run the concession stands at ball games.  The Park Board will be in charge of stocking the concession stands.  Blair believes the Board of Directors of the GHRA would be interested in having a recreation director in the future:

Dr. Kevin Harris has been a member of the Trenton 2020 Recreation Committee.  Prior to the formation of the GHRA, Dr. Harris was involved in researching the potential for the YMCA, or an independent organization, to provide recreational opportunities.  He indicates an independent organization is more feasible at this time.  Dr. Harris added that a program director is needed for Trenton:

Trenton Community Development Director Ralph Boots credited the Trenton 2020 and the Leadership Trenton program as being positive factors in the recent development of the Green Hills Recreation Association.



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