February sessions for pesticide applicator certification announced

Private Pesticide Applicator Training
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The University of Missouri Extension will host a series of private pesticide applicator trainings in the area next week and in February. These sessions are essential for agricultural producers who need to obtain or renew their certification to purchase or apply restricted-use pesticides. According to the Missouri Department of Agriculture, a private pesticide applicator license is mandatory for those intending to use such chemicals. From 2025 onwards, applications by unlicensed workers under the supervision of licensed applicators will be prohibited.

To be eligible for the license, individuals must be at least 18 years old and actively involved in the production of agricultural commodities. The certification process requires participants to complete pesticide safety training once every five years.

The upcoming trainings are scheduled as follows:

  • Chillicothe and Carrollton on Monday, January 29th
  • Kingston on February 1st
  • Kirksville and Lancaster on February 5th
  • Gallatin on February 6th
  • Richmond on February 8th
  • Trenton, Princeton, and Plattsburg on February 9th
  • Unionville, Grant City, and Green City on February 12th
  • Bethany on February 13th
  • Maysville on February 14th
  • Albany on February 15th
  • Macon on February 19th
  • Linneus and Keytesville on February 26th

Most sessions will occur in the morning. Participants can find more information and register for the training on the Extension website or by contacting an Extension Office directly.

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