Audio: Drought is still a top concern for cow/calf producers in the upper Midwest

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(Brownfield Network) – An extension cow/calf specialist says drought remains a concern for many producers in the upper Midwest.

Eric Mousel with the University of Minnesota tells Brownfield 2022 was another dry year for most of his state. “Most people had a pretty good year this year, so that helps. But I think (drought is still) at the top of everyone’s mind right now, just kind of day to day on the ground kind of recovering from this drought.”

While the drought was not as severe in Minnesota compared to 2021, he says there were still signs of stress among livestock. “Particularly in the calves, mommas having a hard time over the last summer. And I think we’re kind of starting to see that filter into the feedlots a little bit as these calves are ready to go in there.”

Mousel says it’s “mind-boggling” the number of cows going through the sale barn every week and points to drought as one of the main reasons.

Brownfield interviewed Mousel during the Minnesota Cattle Industry Convention in Willmar and you can listen to the interview at the audio link below.


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