Drought conditions expand to cover 29% of the state of Missouri

Drought Graphic

While year-to-date precipitation in Trenton is nearly one inch below normal, other areas of Missouri are beginning to show some drought-like conditions.

The drought monitor map, released on Thursday for conditions as of Tuesday, indicates that 29% of the state is experiencing abnormally dry conditions. That figure is up from just 3.66% of the state experiencing abnormally dry conditions in the report last week. This includes Lafayette and Saline counties plus small portions of the adjacent counties of Carroll, Ray, Johnson, Pettis, Cooper, and Howard.

Numerous counties in southeastern Missouri also show abnormally dry conditions this week.

None of the counties across Northern Missouri reached the initial stage of drought which is considered abnormally dry.

As we approach the midway point of the year, rain and melted precipitation in Trenton, as of Friday, June 24, is 94 hundredths (.94) of an inch below normal. Total precipitation is 16.97 inches while normal precipitation is 17.91 inches.


Drought Map of Missouri Comparing the week of June 14 to June 22, 2022
Drought Map of Missouri Comparing the week of June 14 (right) to June 22, (left) 2022




Missouri Drought Map Released June 23, 2022
Drought map of Missouri for the week of June 21, 2022, shows 29% of the state experiencing drought conditions.