How to get your gas tax refund by using forms from the Missouri Department of Revenue

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Two area legislators have provided details on submitting an application for a gas tax increase refund instead of making a purchase of an app for a smartphone.

Missouri’s fuel tax rebate program goes into effect on July 1st. There’s an online procedure for Missourians to apply to get a refund on a portion of their money spent on fuel. Missouri Department of Revenue has forms online that allows Missourians to apply for a refund on the two-and-a-half cents per gallon gas tax increase.

According to State Representatives Randy Railsback of Hamilton and J. Eggleston of Maysville, the tax refund only applies to gas purchased in Missouri from October 1st, 2021 to June 30th, 2022.

Applicants for a rebate are to supply information from their fuel receipts onto a worksheet that’s included with DOR form 4923-H. The form is available at this link. Both representatives recommend claimants retain original receipts or invoices for a period of three years in case the revenue department wants to review them.

Representative Eggleston reports the rebate application form requests the vehicles’ make, model, and identification number; the name and address of the gas station where the purchase was made, the number of gallons purchased, and the date of each fill-up.

The rebate is for gas and diesel vehicles if they weigh less than 26,000 pounds.

Requests for rebates start July 1st and extend through September 30th for fuel purchased during the fiscal year July 1st of 2021 through June 30th of 2022.