Audio: MoDot crews out in force patching potholes


MoDot crews are out in force to fix a problem that has plagued the state’s highways after an extreme winter.



In February, the Midwest was the coldest place on earth, according to the NWS. And nowhere is that more evident than hundreds of thousands of potholes that pock highways and cause jaw-jarring bumps. By now, Missouri has repaired more of those than all of last year.

Three hundred patching crews are working on those potholes, and now that the weather is warmer, MoDot can make long-term repairs.  In the meantime, there are tips about how to navigate these craters.  Slow down before you hit one but do not brake as that can cause more damage.  If it rains, be careful of puddles as those puddles can be potholes in hiding.

MoDot usually spends $15,000,000 a year patching potholes but we’ll have to see what this record-breaking winter will cost us.