Audio: Missouri Quilt Museum in Hamilton to exhibit quilts involving musician Prince

Missouri Star Quilt Company

An exhibit featuring quilts involving the musical artist Prince will be on display at the Missouri Quilt Museum in Hamilton.

Museum Director Dakota Redford says the Prince Challenge Exhibition from Cherrywood Fabrics is made up of 75 two by two-foot art quilts designed by contestants from all over the world. The quilt will hang in the museum gallery on February 18th through 22nd from noon to 6 o’clock each day. Appointments can also be made to see the exhibit outside of those times.

Redford says each contestant received the same type and colors of fabric to create a tribute for Prince and his live performances.



Some of the contestants were from Missouri, but none were from Hamilton specifically.

First through third place winners were awarded in two categories: quilts representing Prince’s live performances and the artist at other times. She says the Missouri Quilt Museum is “always looking for a variety of exhibits,” and the Prince Challenge Exhibition had been on tour for a while.

The museum wanted to display it before it is retired, and the quilts are returned to their owners.



The exhibit has been in the works since November and the Missouri Quilt Museum plans to have another Cherrywood Fabrics exhibit in December featuring quilts involving Bob Ross. Cherrywood Fabrics is a company that hand dyes its fabrics in-house in Minnesota.

Admission to the museum is required to view the Prince Challenge Exhibition. It costs $10.00 to view everything in the museum or $20.00 to upgrade to an annual membership and view exhibits there throughout the year.

Redford says other items displayed at the Missouri Quilt Museum include quilts from different eras and their backstories.



Items donated for exhibits come from “all over,” and exhibits are changed out on a regular basis.

The museum’s inception was in August 2018, and it opened its doors in September 2019. It currently operates in 3,000 square feet of remodeled space at 301 East Bird Street in Hamilton, and Redford hopes another 8,000 square feet will be opened later this year.

More information on the Prince Challenge on display at the museum Tuesday through Saturday can be obtained by calling 435-849-2564, visiting the Missouri Quilt Museum Facebook page, or visiting the museum website.