High-Speed chase in Livingston County ends with suspects being arrested in Clinton County

Police Chase

Clinton County Sheriff’s Office reports two people were taken into custody following a law enforcement pursuit on Sunday that started in Livingston County and ended in Plattsburg. Both suspects were taken to the Clinton County Detention Center to await the filing of formal charges.

Livingston County Sheriff’s office reported the State Highway Patrol had made a traffic stop in Livingston County with occupants reportedly uncooperative with the trooper. The vehicle, described as a black-colored Challenger, fled into Chillicothe.

Police at Chillicothe later saw the suspect vehicle which took off again. Officers attempted to stop the car which accelerated to very high speed on Highway 36, dodging officers who were attempting to use spike strips. At times, authorities said the suspect car crossed over into oncoming traffic on Highway 36.

Clinton County officials became aware via radio traffic of the pursuit. As the car went south on Interstate 35, it reportedly drove with traffic at speeds that were described as reaching 150 miles an hour forcing other vehicles off the road. When the car exited I-35, it traveled west on Highway 116 where it was said to be passing cars on hills and curves and driving head-on into traffic at speeds of 120 miles an hour. The Clinton County Sheriff’s office said the pursuit went through Lathrop and into Plattsburg where Sheriff Larry Fish was able to PIT the vehicle to put an end to the chase.

PIT stands for Precision Immobilization Technique and is defined as a maneuver by which a pursuing car can force a fleeing car to abruptly turn sideways – causing the driver to lose control and stop.

Clinton County reported deputies recovered inside the suspects’ car, firearms and narcotics along with items for the distribution of narcotics. Sheriff of Livingston County, Steve Cox, reported authorities learned the car had been stolen. He also noted at least one of the occupants had multiple arrest warrants. The investigation continues.

Clinton County recognized the assistance of police departments at Cameron, Lathrop, Plattsburg, and Gower.