Audio: Missouri Bill furthers Bible electives taught in public schools

Person holding Holy Bible

Public schools in Missouri would be able to teach elective courses on the Bible if one representative’s bill makes its way through the Missouri Senate, though some argue they already can.

The Senate Education Committee heard the bill Tuesday which has already passed the House.



That’s bill sponsor Representative Ben Baker, a Republican from Neosho. He says biblical literacy is essential to understanding American history.

While Baker thinks current Missouri statute would allow public schools to teach an elective course on the Bible, he put his bill forward because he says the law needs clarification.

Some saw the bill as favoring the Bible over other religious texts. That includes Cynthia Holmes, St. Louis-based attorney and a Baptist, who pointed out that amendments to include those other texts were rejected.



Baker’s bill is akin to legislation introduced in several other states this year, and similar to model legislation from Project Blitz, an organization of conservative Christian political groups.