Audio: Hawley says he no longer supports Right to Work

Right To Work news graphic

Missouri Republican U.S. Senator Josh Hawley says he no longer supports right-to-work, despite a tweet that resurfaced from 8 years ago. That tweet was on the heels of Republicans in the Missouri House failing to override the veto of a bill that would’ve made Missouri a right-to-work state. Hawley said in the tweet, quote, “Time for an end to union-backed candidates in the GOP.” Missouri voters two years later voted overwhelming for union shops over right-to-work, and Hawley says he respects their decision:



“The people of Missouri made their decision and now the question is ‘are we going to support these workers and their struggle to keep jobs in America, not have them shipped off to China, not have these electric vehicle mandates destroy the auto industry – are we going to support them or not?’”

Hawley also traveled to Wentzville last week to meet striking auto workers outside the city’s G-M plant and voice his support for their demands for higher wages and better benefits.