Attempted vehicle stop in Linn County turns into police pursuit involving 5 law enforcement agencies

Fugitive takes pursuit off-road, crashes vehicle, then flees into timber before being tracked down by authorities

What began as a vehicle stop in Linn County on Thursday afternoon, turned into a police pursuit involving three jurisdictions and five law enforcement agencies.

It all started when a Linn County deputy attempted to stop a motorist and the driver fled at a high rate of speed. The vehicle traveled west into Livingston County where the assistance by the deputy was requested from the Chillicothe Police Department and Livingston County Sheriff’s Department.

The suspect at some point was able to avoid spike strips deployed by Chillicothe Police Department, then turned west on Highway 36. The Livingston County Sheriff’s department then took over the pursuit of the vehicle, with a deputy noting that the suspect appeared alone in the vehicle, but kept reaching into the passenger area as if attempting to retrieve a firearm or to toss items he did not want to be taken into custody with. There was also concern by law enforcement that the vehicle may possibly be stolen at the time of the attempted stop.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol deployed spike strips on Highway 36 in Caldwell County as the suspect approached, and the driver was unable to avoid them. The driver continued westbound until the tires on the vehicle deflated, and the suspect was taken into custody.

The Livingston County Sheriff’s department noted the suspect stated that he thought he had an arrest warrant in Independence and was planning to keep driving to Kansas City where pursuits are not allowed.

47-year-old Kerry Blone of Kansas City is charged with driving while suspended, resisting arrest, fleeing, displaying the plates of another, failure to display plates, no insurance, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, careless driving, exceeding the speed limit by 26 mph, providing a false affidavit and no seat belt. He was being held in the Adair County Jail in Kirksville on a 24-hour hold.

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