Annual Fall Fun Event to be held at Wallace State Park

Wallace State Park

Free activities will be held at the Annual Fall Fun Event at Wallace State Park south of Cameron later this month.

Hikers will meet at the campground amphitheater on the afternoon of October 26th starting at 2 o’clock for Find the Pumpkin. Participants can win a special prize for finding hidden pumpkins on trails.

Hedge apple bowling, monster ring toss, and other games will be played by the shower house beginning at 4 o’clock. All participants for the games will win a prize.

Campers are encouraged to decorate their campsites with lights and other items for the Annual Halloween Campsite Decorating Contest. A pumpkin carving contest will also be held, with judging at the campground amphitheater. An awards ceremony will be held at 7 o’clock.

Participants are asked to bring flashlights and meet at the campground amphitheater for a guided night hike immediately following the awards.

Wallace State Park will serve treats for everyone at the Annual Fall Fun Event on October 26th. Contact the park for more information at 816-632-3745.