Access II Independent Living Center in Gallatin to cut services

Access II Independant Living Center Gallatin, Missouri

Access II Independent Living Center in Gallatin will cut some of its services starting July 1.

Services that will no longer be available include child advocacy services, consumer assistance fund requests, home modifications, and bullying presentations.

Services that will be limited include transportation services, durable medical equipment, telephones for the hard of hearing, assistive technology, and benefits planning.

Access II also plans to cut several community events next year, including the Daviess County Back to School Bash and participation in the Regional Transition Network Transition Skills Day.

These cuts are due to state budget cuts to independent living centers of more than $1,800,000 and the center will see a 40% reduction of its annual operating budget.

The center will remain open and continue to provide consumer-directed services, in-home services, employment services, and department of mental health contracted services.

It hopes to add a business payroll and tax processing service to recoup some of the funding lost.