Two pickups collide west of Osborn

Accident-Crash graphic
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A Kansas City resident was hurt when a pickup truck collided with another pickup that was turning into a field entrance west of Osborn.

Twenty-one-year-old Peter Tran, the driver of one of the vehicles, was taken to Liberty Hospital with minor injuries. The other driver, 21-year old Zane Venema of Kansas city, was not reported hurt.

The accident happened Saturday afternoon on Highway 33, one-quarter mile south of Highway 36 as both pickups were northbound on Highway 33. Venema attempted to make a left turn into a field entrance as Tran attempted to pass Venema’s truck when the

passenger side of Tran’s vehicle collided with the driver’s side of the other pickup. Both trucks slid off the left side of the pavement into a ditch and came to rest on their wheels.

Damage was described as extensive to the truck driven by Tran and moderate to the Venema pickup. Both drivers were wearing seat belts.

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