Two hurt in crash west of Trenton


Two Gladstone residents were hurt west of Trenton Thursday afternoon in the collision of a car and a pickup truck.

The driver of the car, 23-year old K. Leigh Stith, and a passenger in the car, 4-year-old Karson Wilson, both of Gladstone, were taken to Wright Memorial Hospital in Trenton moderate injuries.

The driver of the pickup, 18-year-old Levi Hershberger of Gilman City, was not reported hurt.

The accident happened four miles west of Trenton on Highway 6 as the car was westbound and the pickup was traveling east. The patrol reports Ms. Stith reportedly reached in the back seat to obtain an item and failed to observe slowing traffic ahead, Stith then applied the brakes, the car went to the left, crossed the centerline, and collided with the oncoming pickup.

Both vehicles were extensively damaged and all three occupants were wearing seatbelts.