Trenton’s Administrative Committee discusses purchasing policy issues

Trenton, Missouri

The city of Trenton purchasing policy was discussed last evening during a meeting of the Administrative Committee of the City Council. City Administrator Ron Urton reports a recommendation was made to collect comments and recommendations from department heads.  Urton said department heads attended last evening’s committee meeting and offered their thoughts regarding the purchasing policy.  Next, recommendations are to be compiled and presented to the administrative committee for further review. 

Among the concerns with the current policy, Urton said is the stated dollar limits on purchases department heads can make for what are considered to be day to day operation.  Another portion of the policy that will be studied is a potential revision regarding single source items or services—making it difficult to get comparison bids or quotes.   Urton said there was discussion on the provision allowing the city council to accept a local bid IF it comes within five percent of the lowest bid.  Urton stated no action was taken last evening by the committee.  Urton explained the five percent margin was added in 2012 to the city of Trenton purchasing policy.

Urton also pointed out the purchasing policy can be reviewed on the city of Trenton’s website.  It is under section 155.