Trenton Utility Committee to recommend to city council approval of on-call engineer

Trenton Utility Committee

The Trenton Utility Committee voted Tuesday evening to recommend to the Trenton City Council approval of an on-call engineer and accept scrap metal bids.

A proposal from the Howe Company says the company would provide professional services in conjunction with on-call engineering for general municipal work, including water distribution, sanitary sewer collection, storm drainage, street design, and general site development. The agreement would be effective through October 31st, 2021.

A work order for a project at a force main creek crossing east of the airport field shows the Howe Company would provide design services for a lump sum of $9,000, bidding service for $4,000, construction contract administration for $4,000, and construction observation on an hourly basis. High creek flows have eroded the channel banks, exposed the force mains, and reduced the buffer for the nearest manhole. The project would relocate a portion of the force main and relocate the manhole to a location with more buffer.

The Utility Committee recommends the city council accept the scrap metal bids from Mark Pettit for six lots of scrap, each with different types of metal. The bids per pound were hardware, metal, and wire for five cents, copper wire for $1.02, metal culverts and steel, cast iron, pipe, and footings one and a half cents; brass water meters 61 cents, and brass and aluminum radiators 31 cents. City Administrator Ron Urton notes Pettit’s bids were the highest for all, which is what the city wants when selling items.

Storage building bids for wastewater were tabled until the next Utility Committee meeting. No action was taken on transformer bids, and Urton says the committee is getting additional information on the matter.