Trenton Utility Committee presented reports involving water treatment plant and water main construction

Trenton Utility Committee

Reports on current and future projects were given during Tuesday evening’s meeting of the Trenton Utility Committee. The information describes preliminary costs for projects involving Trenton’s water treatment plant. This includes piping for the river and reservoir pump stations as well as the contact basins at the plant on West Crowder Road.

Altogether, the cost for design and construction tops $3,060,000. An engineering firm has provided TMU with proposals for designing the piping replacement work and the design and construction upgrades at the two contact basins.

  • River pump station piping design and construction $313,000
  • Reservoir pump station piping design and construction $490,000
  • Contact basins design and construction $2,257,000

Among other topics, Urton said plans are getting finalized to construct a six-inch water main to the Trenton sewer plant to provide adequate flow for the sludge press and the new grit removal system. A preliminary construction estimate is $260,000.  This project is to be funded during the upcoming city of Trenton fiscal year 2021-22.

TMU is also working on the “Nestle plant” sewer-lining project, Prices are being obtained for materials and equipment to replace a manhole on this line. Sewer fund cash reserves are becoming a concern in funding sewer main rehabilitation work.

Utility committee members are Cathie Smith, Dave Mlika, and John Dolan from the city council and recently-appointed community members, Clint Trump and Zane Robinson.