Trenton sees mixed tax revenue results this fiscal year

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In Trenton, city sales tax revenue from retail purchases has decreased by more than $20,000 in the current fiscal year, which concludes this month. However, local use tax revenue from out-of-state vendors, delivered to Trenton, increased by more than $139,000 during the same period.

Consequently, the combined revenue from Trenton’s city sales taxes and local use tax rose nearly $119,000 when comparing this fiscal year to the same period last year. Over the past 12 months, the use tax alone has generated more than $420,000, allocated for general purposes.

Analyzing Trenton’s city sales taxes, the general purposes tax yielded nearly $881,000 in this fiscal year, a decline of more than $13,000 compared to the previous fiscal year. The capital projects tax collected over $440,000, which is down by nearly $6,600 from the last fiscal year.

Revenue from the Trenton city sales tax for parks was over $407,000 this fiscal year, down $316 from the previous year. The city sales tax dedicated to fire department needs generated over $203,000, marking a decrease of approximately $465 compared to last year.

The transportation tax saw nearly $305,000 in revenue, an increase of $79 from the previous fiscal year.

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