Scammers making automated calls to residents in Chillicothe

Phone Scam

The Chillicothe Police Department is once again voicing concerns about scammers who are working the area.

The department says an automated call from phone number 817-261-2822 indicates that the individual’s Verizon account has been suspended. The call will then ask for your Verizon PIN number as well as your social security number.

Officers from the department entered a fake PIN and Social Security number in the hope that they would be able to speak with a real person, however, the automated calls then indicate your account has been reinstated and hangs up. Upon attempting to call the 817 number back, officers received a message that the number has been disconnected.

The department said that the number is fishing for residents PIN and Social Security numbers to gain access to your Verizon account and that those receiving this type of call should simply hang up.  Residents should then call their provider to verify if calls such as those received are being made.