Plans continue for annual mailing of information to Trenton High School Alumni

THS Alumni Association

Plans for the annual mailing leading up to the 2022 Trenton High School Alumni Weekend continue. Classes are reminded of the need to share reunion plans for printing in the initial mailer scheduled to be distributed following the work session set for February 6th.

Class mailing lists are also needed to be updated and need to be processed before the annual meeting. Classes that have not received a current mailing list should contact Dr. John Holcomb at 660-359-1838 or by emailing him at [email protected] to complete updates. All lists will then be forwarded to Holcomb for completing mailing labels.

Classes that plan to host special reunions or other events should email plans to Steve Maxey at [email protected] indicating the date, time, and place as well as other plans.

The 2022 THS Alumni Reunion will take place on September 2-3-4 in Trenton with a full schedule of events being planned.

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