Month of July receives above normal rainfall in Trenton

Weather graphic

The July 2021 weather summary in Trenton shows above-normal rainfall, slightly above normal low temperatures, and below normal high temperatures.

Rainfall totaled 6.42 inches in July at the water plant in western Trenton, where precipitation and temperature readings are recorded for the National Weather Service. The 6.42 inches is 2.15inches above normal for July. It was the second month in a row in which rainfall was considerably above average in Trenton. There were 7.84 inches of rain in June. The above-average rainfall in June and July followed below normal precipitation in April and May. Annual precipitation in Trenton through the end of July was 4.02 inches above normal.

High temperatures during July in Trenton averaged 85.3 degrees which was 3-1/2 degrees below normal. There was no official in the 90s until July 23, when it reached 91 degrees. There were a total of six days in the 90s in late July, including 96 on July 29 -the hottest day of the month.

Low temperatures averaged 68 degrees, nearly one degree above normal. That was boosted by seven of the last nine days of the month having low temperatures in the low to mid-70s, which is several degrees above normal. The coolest lows in Trenton during July were 63 on both July 8th and July 12th.

The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center, entering July, predicted were equal chances for temperatures and rainfall to be above, below, or near normal. However, it was the third month in a row in which there were no clear indicators on how temperatures and precipitation might fare compared to normal.

The same outlook is given for August in our area, with equal chances for temperatures and rainfall to be above, below, or near normal; however, in extreme northwest Missouri, above-normal temperatures are slightly favored for August, with no clear indicators about how rainfall will fare compared to normal.

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