Law Enforcement Action in Chillicothe: Arrests made in domestic disturbance and traffic stops

Chillicothe Missouri Police Department
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Chillicothe Police Sergeant Matt McCurry reports one person was injured and another was arrested related to a domestic disturbance call in Chillicothe on Friday evening, June 2nd.

Officers responded to the 400 block of Vine Street where a woman had sustained a head wound. She was taken for medical treatment.

A man was taken into custody for alleged domestic assault, resisting arrest, and damaging police department property. He is being housed at the Caldwell County Detention Center on a 24-hour hold.

Traffic stops conducted by the Chillicothe Police Department also resulted in arrests on June 2nd.

McCurry reports one traffic stop in the area of Business 36 and Washington Street in the afternoon led to the arrest of a woman for driving without a valid license. She was processed and released with a citation.

A traffic stop in the area of Ryan Lane and Washington in the evening resulted in the arrest of a man for allegedly driving while intoxicated. He was processed and released with citations, pending a court appearance.

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