Edinburg Baptist Church to host blood drive on March 12

Blood Drive

Edinburg will be a location for a blood drive this Friday.

Community Blood Center will set up at the Edinburg Baptist Church on March 12th – accepting blood donations from 2 o’clock until 7 o’clock.

Donors are encouraged to make an appointment by visiting the Red Cross website and using the four-digit code EH2W

Additional details are available from Betty Tinker at the St. Joseph office of the Community Blood Center. The phone number there is 816 351 9308.

Community Blood Center describes itself as the primary provider of blood and blood components to 70 plus hospitals and medical centers – including Wright Memorial in Trenton and Hedrick in Chillicothe. The blood center reports that one in three people will need blood at some point in their life. And nearly one in seven hospital admissions requires a blood transfusion.

The blood center has to collect nearly 600 donations every day to meet hospital demand. With a limited shelf life, blood supplies must be continually replenished. It’s also reported one pint of blood can save a life. For information on setting up a blood drive, persons can call a toll-free phone number of 1 877 468 6844.