Chillicothe City Council to meet Monday, August 8th

City of Chillicothe Website

The Chillicothe City Council will hold a property tax hearing and set the 2022 levy for general and park funds next week. The council will meet in the Chillicothe Municipal Utilities Meeting Room on August 8th at 5:30 pm.

The proposed rates for 2022 are the same as 2021. They are 68.52 cents for general revenue and 19.27 cents for parks and recreation revenues. The combined total is 87.79 cents.

The assessed valuation for real estate raised from 2021 was $76,751,716. The 2022 amount is estimated to be $78,523,292. That is an increase of $1,771,576.

The assessed valuation raised for personal property from 2021 was $29,791,568. The 2022 amount is estimated at $37,940,013. That is an increase of $8,148,445.

Other items on the agenda include an ordinance authorizing three contracts with Yamaha Motor Finance Corporation regarding lease purchase of golf carts and other equipment, amending the previous traffic enforcement overtime policy to “Traffic Enforcement Overtime Project,” and reappointment of Steven Mosely to the Board of Adjustments.

A closed session is also on the agenda for August 8th’s Chillicothe City Council meeting for employees and/or personnel matters.