Breaking down proposed budget expenditures for the city of Trenton

Trenton, Missouri

Each of the city of Trenton departments has requested a portion of the funds generated by the capital projects sales tax. The proposed city of Trenton budget includes $1.037,641 in projected capital spending for the 2020-21 fiscal year. Categories involve police, fire, streets, airport, sidewalks, and demolition.

The single largest payment coming out of capital projects is for the asphalt plant at $61,074 which was moved from general revenue fund at the April 2nd meeting. Asphalt plant payments are to be made each year through the year 2032. Final payments on the asphalt paver and trailer are in 2021 and the wheel loader in 2022. Annual payments also are listed for varying lengths on a police vehicle; a Trenton Fire Department command vehicle; and an energy grant.

Capital project spending from the proposed Trenton Municipal Utility budget includes improvements of $1,380,800 for water production and distribution, $867,400 in electric production and distribution of $1,182,000 for wastewater treatment and collection.  Another $208,000 in TMU administrative expenses is to be shared by the three funds including the AMI meter reading software migration kit, automated meter reading equipment and software as well as replacement of two office computers.

Water department revenues in the new budget were trimmed by $37,000 when the city council voted April 2nd to have a two-month delay on an 8 ½ percent rate increase.  The higher rate will reflect June usage and show on bills received in July.