Trenton City Council to consider budgets and proposed raises for city employees

City of Trenton Website

When the City Council meets Monday evening to consider budgets for the city and Trenton Municipal Utilities, the proposed ordinances also establishes employee and officer positions and compensations. Salary increases have been proposed for the 2020-21 fiscal year beginning May 1st. Each of the following is subject to city council approved of the ordinance adopting the budgets.

For department heads, it’s an increase of $1,560. Hourly employees for the city are to receive an increase of 75 cents an hour as recommended by the finance committee.

City administrator/utility director Ron Urton will have a new salary of $87,080. One half of the salary is paid by the city and the other half by TMU. The new wage for City Clerk Cindy Simpson is $52,801.

The new salary for Police Chief Rex Ross is $55,215, for Fire Chief Brandon Gibler, it’s $47,768, Street Supervisor Gary Dryer it’s $49,560, code officer building inspector Wes Barone, at $40,289 and TMU Comptroller Rosetta Marsh $51,528.

Salaries remain the same for Mayor Linda Crooks at $3,000, for each of eight city councilmen at $1,200 and $1,200 for the city treasurer.

With revisions requested at an April 2nd council meeting, the city proposed budget of nearly three point five million shows an anticipated $158,000 deficit. The nearly ten and one half million dollar TMU budget shows positive numbers in all three funds, electric, water, and wastewater with a projected overall gain of $810,146.