Audio: Missouri US Senator Josh Hawley on abortion codification and disinformation governance board

U.S. Senator Josh Hawley
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(Missourinet) – Missouri U-S Senator Josh Hawley says he wants to stop Democrats from trying to push their agenda through Congress this month while they still hold majorities in both chambers. That includes an attempt to enshrine the right to have an abortion into federal law.



“I’m sure they’d love to pass their abortion legislation that would require abortion on demand in every state in the country, that would overturn our laws in Missouri. I am totally opposed to that. My view is that we just need to do the basics here before the end of the year. And let’s make sure that the Democrats don’t impose their radical left-wing agenda on the rest of the country, starting with our state.”

While Democrats held onto their slim majority in the Senate, Republicans will retake control of the U-S House in January.

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