Audio: If you have had COVID-19, should you still wear a mask and get vaccinated?

Coronavirus or COVID-19, people wearing masks

An infectious disease specialist at Washington University in St. Louis says if you have already had COVID-19, wearing a mask and getting the vaccine are still advised. Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo Davis says you could still infect others after your symptoms subside. Plus, she says wearing masks and getting the vaccine are two of the most effective ways to protect yourself and others.



The CDC is recommending those infected with the coronavirus to wait 90 days from the time they had COVID-19 before they get vaccinated.  Dr. Davis says people who get the virus build up some immunity, but how long the immunity lasts is unknown.



A new strain of COVID-19 has also emerged in the United States that may produce higher rates of transmission – another reason she says taking health precautions is necessary.


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