AgButler employment app debuts in North Missouri

AgButler Website

A diverse group of individuals, from North Central Missouri, gathered to evaluate a new App called AgButler. The App is designed to connect individuals seeking work, with producers and agri-businesses needing temporary labor. Created by Kevin and Jamie Johansen, a Missouri farm family, they recognized the many benefits AgButler could provide to rural America.

“Our whole lives have been committed to agriculture and rural Missouri. We created AgButler to help the under-employed in rural Missouri and producers who need part-time labor,” said AgButler founder and Missouri farmer Kevin Johansen. “Our vision for AgButler is to create an environment that offers opportunities for employees to enhance their financial position and for employers to improve their operational efficiencies.”

Johansen said AgButler is similar to the “ride-sharing” app, Uber. The on-demand platform connects agriculture labor to agriculture labor needs for farmers, ranchers, or agribusinesses. AgButler creates connectivity between those in rural Missouri who need work with producers seeking quality, temporary labor. Young farmers, ranchers, and rural residents often need to augment their income. AgButler answers the call and benefits the Missouri economy.

The Roundtable was designed to receive feedback on the application’s functionality, features, and usefulness for those seeking employment or those seeking employees. Participants included farmers, ranchers, business owners, educators, economic development advocates, and students who had a first look at the application.

“I was very impressed with the ease of use within the application,” said Jordan Deterding of Adrian Farms, outside of Milan. “In running a cattle operation, there is some work you can predict, and a lot you cannot. AgButler can help me with both, whether its peak calving season, fence building, and repair or moving cattle. AgButler could help me identify and connect to those in the area who are available to work.”

To see and prototype of the App and to learn more you can find it at;