Members from Hodge Presbyterian Church present program on Haiti to Rotary

Church with Steeple

Seven individuals from Hodge Presbyterian Church of Trenton told the Trenton Rotary Club Thursday about a trip to Haiti.

Andrea Merrin, Elijah Merrin, Sarah Jordan, Andrew Maxey, Holly Maxey, Jenna Wynne, and Charlie Hoffman spoke about providing medical care, working with youth, and visiting hospitals, orphanages, and schools while in Haiti.

Andrea Merrin said that the group was able to take enough medicine to three clinics due to donations.

She added that they also donated to the organization that provides medical assistance on a full-time basis.

The group took items for the youth, including soccer balls and jump ropes.

Andrea Merrin noted that most of the group spent most of its time at the Flower of Hope School providing a clinic for the young and elderly.

The group stayed in an orphanage and slept in beds covered with netting to keep out mosquitoes.

During the business meeting, it was announced the Trenton Rotary Club has been asked to take tickets at the North Central Missouri Fair Demolition Derby August 5th.