Wright Memorial Hospital retains local emergency department physician team

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Effective January 1, 2024, Wright Memorial Hospital has entered into a new contract with Missouri Physician Partners, the chosen group to provide emergency medical care in the hospital’s emergency department. Missouri Physician Partners, founded by Dr. Wyatt Pickering and Dr. Jeremiah Yerton, ensures continuity of care as nearly the entire existing physician team from the emergency department remains intact.

This decision comes after Wright Memorial Hospital’s previous emergency services provider, ENVISION Physician Services, informed the hospital in August 2023 about the closure of operations in three states, including Missouri, by the end of 2023. ENVISION, which employed the local team of emergency care physicians, including Dr. Pickering, the medical director of the emergency department, prompted the hospital to seek an alternative provider.

The new contract with Missouri Physician Partners aims to provide seamless and uninterrupted emergency medical care for patients in north central Missouri. Despite the change in service providers, patients are assured that they will experience no disruptions in their access to quality emergency medical services close to home, available 24/7.

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