Trenton Rotary Club to display flags along Missouri Day parade route

United States and Missouri Flags shown together

The Trenton Rotary Club puts up the United States and Missouri flags in Trenton each year to be displayed during the Missouri Day Festival.

Rotary Club Member Steve Taylor says about 150 to 160 flags are put up early the Friday morning of the festival weekend. The date is October 14th this year.



Taylor says there is usually a large group that helps with the flag display.



The Rotary Club also puts up flags for some other holidays, like Independence Day and Patriot Day (September 11th).

The Trenton Rotary Club sponsors the Missouri Day Parade on October 15th. Most club members help with the parade in some way, but extra help is appreciated.  The club is working with North Central Missouri College, and some of the college’s athletes might help put up flags.

Individuals can also volunteer on the day of the parade by manning a street corner or providing other help. Anyone who would like to help with the Missouri Day Parade is asked to contact Taylor at 660-654-0069.