Trenton Fire Department responds to Lampliter Apartments on Oklahoma Avenue

Lamplighter Apartments 2414 Oklahoma Avenue

On October 23, 2023, at approximately 12:28 a.m., a structural fire broke out at 2414 Oklahoma Ave, Apartment 10. The incident, which lasted roughly two hours, drew an immediate response from local emergency services after a 911 notification was received.

Upon arrival, firefighters were met with smoke and visible flames emanating from the rear deck of the apartment. The property, owned by Morse & Sons and occupied by Samantha Lynch and Eryn Howe, suffered moderate damage, primarily confined to the rear deck and siding.

Lt. Derek Hert said firefighting personnel deployed a 1 ¾ inch attack line, successfully extinguishing the fire. Firefighters then employed a thermal imaging camera to inspect the area for potential fire extensions, but none were found. The crew stayed on-site, aiding the Missouri Division of Fire Safety Fire Investigators in determining the cause and assessing the overall scene.

One notable factor in the incident’s management was the activation of the exterior fire sprinkler system serving the deck area. This system played a role in suppressing the fire, significantly limiting its spread and potential for more extensive damage.

While there were no injuries reported, the incident left the property with moderate damage. The Missouri Division of Fire Safety Fire Investigators have since attributed the cause to improper disposal of smoking materials.

Support was also received from several other departments, including the Grundy County Ambulance, Trenton Police Department, and the MO Division of Fire Safety Fire Investigation unit.