Tractor in field

Growing-season problems are topics at MU Crop Management Conference, Dec. 14-15

Problems growing crops provide topics for talks at the Crop Management Conference, Dec. 14-15 in Columbia, says Kevin Bradley, University of Missouri Extension weed scientist. Answers go beyond problems faced this year with off-site herbicide drift. Bradley says the wise use of dicamba will be covered. With registration open, organizers urge early sign-up. “These topics […]

American Legion to hold “Walk for Veterans” in St. Joseph

The American Legion has announced that it will hold a “Walk for Veterans” through downtown St. Joseph, Mo., on Oct. 29.  Leading the Walk will be American Legion National Commander Charles E. Schmidt and  Department (state) Commander Elizabeth Gonzales. “The purpose of this Walk is to raise public awareness about the crucial issues facing America’s […]

Wet weather slows haymakers; seed heads become a problem

Missouri haymakers face unusual spring weather challenges. More problems are ahead. Making hay is more than working between rains, says Craig Roberts, University of Missouri Extension forage specialist. Grass seed heads have a bigger impact on hay quality than wet weather. For best nutrition, hay must be cut before grass transfers nutrients from the leaves […]

General Election

Area voters face a multitude of issues on Tuesday, April 5th ballots

Numerous ballot issues, in several jurisdictions await voters Tuesday, April 5th, on election day. Involved are cities of Trenton, Princeton, Jamesport, Winston, Lock Springs, Ridgeway, Lucerne, Laclede, and Marceline. School districts with issues to decide include Princeton, Unionville, Chillicothe, Winston, Pattonsburg, and Hamilton. There also are issues for Sullivan and Harrison Counties. City of Trenton […]