Area voters face a multitude of issues on Tuesday, April 5th ballots

General Election

Numerous ballot issues, in several jurisdictions await voters Tuesday, April 5th, on election day. Involved are cities of Trenton, Princeton, Jamesport, Winston, Lock Springs, Ridgeway, Lucerne, Laclede, and Marceline.

School districts with issues to decide include Princeton, Unionville, Chillicothe, Winston, Pattonsburg, and Hamilton. There also are issues for Sullivan and Harrison Counties.

City of Trenton voters decide a one quarter of one percent sales tax for the fire department to provide a training area and equipment.

City of Princeton voters decide on imposing a local use tax at the current city sales tax rate of one and a half percent. It’s noted a use tax is not required to be filed by persons whose purchases from out of state vendors do not exceed two thousand dollars in any calendar year.

Patrons of the Princeton R-5 school district decide a no tax increase bond issue that would allow the board of education to borrow 975 thousand dollars for HVAC improvements, playground equipment and elementary school drainage. The debt service levy of just over 95 cents would not change.

Patrons of the Putnam County R-1 school district decide whether to allow the board of education to borrow two million 150 thousand dollars without raising the debt service levy. Funds will go toward the high school library, remodeling restrooms, and parking lot improvements.

Voters in Sullivan County, where a year ago they abolished townships, will now vote on two tax issues. One is an agricultural road rock tax not to exceed one dollar per acre for a period of ten years. The other is road tax levy of 50 cents on the 100 dollars of assessed valuation for Sullivan County road and bridge purposes.

Patrons of the Chillicothe R-2 School District decide a general obligation bond issue that would have the district borrow 14 million, 550 thousand dollars. Various improvements have been specified. The proposal would result in an increase of 37 cents on 100 dollars assessed valuation on the debt service levy.

Patrons of the Winston school district decide whether to increase the operating levy ceiling by a dollar-24 through year 2035. Funds would be used for additional classrooms; other remodeling and additional operating needs. The issue adjusts the levy to four dollars and 24 cents per 100 dollars of assessed valuation.

Pattonsburg patrons vote on borrowing one million 535 thousand dollars without increasing the debt service levy to finance a building addition; security enhancements at entrances; complete HVAC upgrades; and other renovations. The 56 cent debt service levy would not change under terms of the ballot issue.

Hamilton R-2 looks to issue five million, 460 thousand dollars in general obligation bonds to meet operating needs. The proposal establishes a debt service levy of one dollar 38 cents on the 100 dollars of assessed valuation. The district also proposes to reduce the operating levy by the same amount, a dollar 38.

Jamesport, Winston, Ridgeway, and Lucerne vote on local issues to allow those towns to forgo annual elections if the number of candidates equals the number of positions open.

Lock Springs votes on whether to dissolve itself as a town.

Harrison county voters decide whether to renew a one half of a percent sales tax for improvements to public roads.

Laclede is asking voters to changed the city tax collector position from an elected office to an appointment.

Voters decide whether to allow the city of Marceline borrow one million dollars to provide funds for a new municipal swimming pool on land owned by the city. The proposal calls for a debt service property tax levy of 49 cents on the 100 dollars of assessed valuation. It’s noted the general obligation bond issue is to augment the financing to be secured from the half cent local sales tax approved by Marceline voters last November.