Pollock resident charged with theft of four-wheeler in Putnam County


A Pollock resident accused of stealing a four-wheeler and altering its appearance has been charged in Putnam County.

Bryer Peek faces the felonies of stealing in the amount of $750 or more and altering or removing item number to deprive the lawful owner. An initial appearance in court is scheduled for May 17th.

A probable cause statement from Putnam County Sheriff Jason Knight says Peek stole a 2019 Honda four-wheeler belonging to Matt Bradshaw of Griggsville, Illinois while the vehicle was parked on 220th Street. Peek is accused of hiding the vehicle and altering its appearance to make it look like it was not one of Bradshaw’s. Peek allegedly fixed the broken fender, put a graphics kit on it, and removed or altered the vehicle identification number on the four-wheeler.

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