Missouri Livestock Symposium classic tractor contest entries due November 14

Entry forms for the 2016 Missouri Livestock Symposium Classic Tractor Contest are due November 14, according to Garry L Mathes, chair of the Symposium planning committee. 

Entry information may be found on the website or by calling 660-665-9866. 

The classic tractor contest is co-sponsored by the Missouri Livestock Symposium and KTVO.  The tractors will be featured on KTVO’s Good Morning Heartland newscast from 5:30 to 7 a.m. November 28 through December 2, 2016. 

The top tractors will be on display for final judging at the 2016 Missouri Livestock Symposium on December 2 & 3 at the William Matthew Middle School, 1515 South Cottage Grove, Kirksville, MO. The winner will be selected by a committee representing the Missouri Livestock Symposium and announced at the Friday evening program in the auditorium. Winners will receive a plaque recognizing their accomplishment and other prizes.

The contest is open to everyone. Both individually-owned and group-owned tractors are eligible. There is no cost to enter your classic tractor and more than one tractor can be entered if desired. Classic Tractor Contest details or additional information about the Missouri Livestock Symposium can be found on their website.
(Image credit: http://www.missourilivestock.com/)