Grundy County Commission receives update on funding of streambank stabilization project

Grundy County Commission Sign

The Grundy County Commission on September 21, 2021, received an update on funding of the streambank stabilization project near the Thompson River Bridge on Highway 6.

Jackie Soptic with the Grundy County Industrial Development Corporation reported she discovered the Missouri Department of Transportation approved funding of $120,980 and sent a letter to the commission in December 2020. That was about double what the IDC had thought MoDOT would provide.

Soptic said Dennis Speichinger with the Natural Resources Conservation Service told her he saw no reason why the additional funding requested for the project from NRCS would not be approved; however, the funds would not be available until after October 1st. Chris Hoffman with the IDC reported the total amount expected from the NRCS totals about $435,000. The low base bid came in at $575,030.40 from Binder Irrigation from Table Rock, Nebraska.

Hoffman said the IDC originally agreed to fund $45,000 for the engineering of the project. It already funded almost $3,000 for archaeological work.

With the funding from MoDOT and the NRCS as well as $10,000 from the landowner, he noted funding for the whole project would be around $6,000 short. However, he believes that should be covered easily because people have stepped up and agreed to commit to helping fund the project.

Soptic noted invoices involving the design phase had already been sent totaling about $38,000. She wants the IDC to see the invoices and sign off on them before they are paid, so they can be tracked and reported to people involved.

Commissioner Brad Chumbley said he voted against the streambank stabilization project originally, but he did not vote against it in malice. He appreciates the IDC’s work on the project.

The Grundy County Commission plans to accept a bid for the project on September 28 at 11 a.m.

The commission on September 21st also accepted a bid to replace doors at the four entrances of the courthouse in Trenton. The bid was from Sargent’s Glass of Chillicothe for $47,450. The doors will have panic bars.

Sargent’s Glass’s bid was one of two submitted. The other bid was from Custom Glass of Chillicothe for $60,000.

Before bids were opened, Emergency Management Director Glen Briggs noted Custom Glass was concerned about not having glass in for the project until the first of the year.

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