Division One of Grundy County Circuit Court news for Thursday, November 12, 2020

Crime and Courts

Among cases Thursday in Division One of Grundy County Circuit Court:

Trenton resident Duane Ernest Harding pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated, persistent offender, as of July 11th. Harding received a prison sentence of four years with the Department of Corrections. Judge Thomas Alley suspended the execution of the sentence and placed Harding on five years probation.

Harding is required by the court to complete 480 hours of community service; pay $300 to the law enforcement restitution fund; have monthly urine analysis along with six months of alcohol monitoring by the probation and parole office.

Another Trenton resident, William Nicholas Griffin, pleaded guilty to resisting/interfering with an arrest for a felony on July 2nd. Judge Alley suspended the imposition of a sentence and placed Griffin on five years probation. He’s to serve shock incarceration time concurrently with the jail time imposed in another Grundy county case. A charge of driving while intoxicated was dismissed.

Milan resident Donald Brown admitted to violations of probation with Judge Alley continuing probation and requiring Brown to pay restitution for bad checks at the rate of $85 per month. At the prosecutor’s request, the disposition of the case was re-set for February 11th. His original charges involved 12 counts of passing bad checks.

Kansas City resident Bevan James Bohm admitted probation violations. The court continued probation with additional conditions that he completes an institutional treatment center. Bohm’s original charges in Grundy county are for felony stealing.

Probation continues for St. Joseph resident Kellie Sue Holtman who admitted to violations. Additional conditions imposed by the court include her completion of a treatment program. Holtman’s original charges in Grundy county were felony stealing.

Continuing with probation is Desmond Alexander Calton on an original charge of assault in the fourth degree. He admitted to a violation. Additional conditions including six days of shock incarceration in jail to be served by the end of this year.

The court has suspended probation until further notice for Trenton resident Emily Marie Hendee. Docket information says she failed to appear in court Thursday for a probation violation hearing. A capias warrant was issued with a bond set at $5,000 cash. Hendee’s original charges in Grundy county were for non-support and passing bad checks.