Community of Novinger under voluntary evacuation due to flooding

Flood Evacuations

Residents of Novinger are under a voluntary evacuation due to flooding of the Chariton River.

Novinger Mayor Jeff Dodson reports the National Weather Service originally predicted the crest of the Chariton River near Novinger at 33.3 feet, but the predicted peak has been lowered to 29.7 feet which would be an all-time high, as the previous record crest was 28.6 feet in 1917.

Dodson notes the evacuation is not as much of a necessity now that the anticipated crest has been dropped, and he believes Novinger has “dodged a bullet,” and that the situation is “not good, but it could be worse”.

No specific shelter was established for Novinger residents, but Dodson mentions arrangements were being made for shelter prior to the lowering of the Chariton River’s predicted crest.

Adair County Emergency Management, Ambulance District, and Sheriff’s Office, as well as the Highway Patrol and volunteer fire departments, have worked together to help residents.