Chillicothe Fire Department responds to vehicle fire

Vehicle Fire

The Chillicothe Fire Department responded to a sport utility vehicle fire in Chillicothe on Tuesday evening, May 25.  Firefighters arrived and found the SUV fully involved in a side yard of the residence at 453 Vine Street.

Water and foam were applied to the interior of the vehicle and engine compartment. About 2,000 gallons of water mixed with Class A foam were used to extinguish the fire.

The report indicates the owner of the vehicle, listed as Wayne Howe, said the vehicle was smoldering and smoking for about 15 minutes before he called 911. He stated he tried to take it to a local vehicle shop, but he was unable to make it there. Howe then reportedly drove the vehicle home as it was smoking, and parked it in the road.

Firefighters were at the scene for approximately 30 minutes.

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