Caldwell County reports COVID-related death; Five area health departments report on new cases of COVID-19

Coronavirus or COVID-19 Death

A COVID-19-related death has been added for Caldwell County. The health department reports the total as 28. Forty-nine COVID-19 cases have been added since January 20th, bringing that total to 1,731. There are 80 active cases.

The Livingston County Health Center reports 61 COVID-19 cases have been added since January 24th, raising the total to 3,085. The number of active cases dropped by six to 223.

The Linn County Health Department reports 105 COVID-19 cases have been added since January 18th. There have been 2,400 cases total.

The Sullivan County Health Department confirms 12 COVID-19 cases, bringing the total to 1,578. Fifty-one cases are active.

COVID-19 cases have increased by eight for Mercer County since January 24th, with one being a confirmed case and seven probable. The health department reports 312 total confirmed cases and 369 probable cases. The overall total is 681. There are 27 active cases.

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