Audio: Missouri State Highway Patrol to have extra troopers on the roads and water on Labor Day Weekend

Missouri State Highway Patrol

You will notice extra Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers on the roads and water during this Labor Day holiday weekend. Troopers are participating in Operation CARE, which stands for crash awareness and reduction effort.

Highway Patrol Captain John Hotz is encouraging you to drive and boat responsibly.



State troopers are being stationed at 20-mile intervals today (Friday) on several interstates across Missouri, as part of Operation CARE during the Labor Day holiday weekend. Highway Patrol Captain John Hotz tells Missourinet 11 people died and 265 were injured during the 2017 holiday.



Troopers are enforcing Missouri’s speed limit, seat belt, and impaired driving laws, and are also assisting motorists. There are also extra troopers on the water, and the Patrol is urging you to wear your life jacket.